Katherine Heigl in a Brunette Version with Good Reason

Katherine Heigl, a natural blonde, did rivet some wondering gazes as she showed up at ShoWest Awards at Bally’s Las Vegas last Thursday to be honored as Female Star of the Year. Not only those present were astounded by the transformation. Heigl’s husband, Josh Kelley, displayed an impetuous reaction, according to the 31-year-old actress, and she herself wasn’t able to take it in immediately. “I was pretty shocked at first… It took me a good day and a half to totally embrace it.”

Katherine Heigl: Blonde and Brunette

But why this change out of the blonde? UsMagazine looked into the mystery and here’s what they unearthed.

The reason behind the transformation lies in work – the 27 Dresses star is priming herself for a new role way before it is pre-produced. The role in question is detective Stephanie Plum from the 15-novel series of Janet Evanovich. The one that is going to be filmed is One for the Money.

Heigl wishes to do a great job on Plum. “She is a very specific kind of girl, so I just wanted to show the legion of fans that I will be your vision of Stephanie Plum. It’s important. I hate when my favorite books are made into films and they are just not what you expect.”

Evanovich’s admirers will give their verdict in due time, and meanwhile the actress enjoys the unfamiliar fun of being a brunette to the full! “I love it… I say all the same stupid things – I just look different.”

Yet she is always ready to give up her engrossment in work to spend time with her adopted daughter Naleigh. What about the fate of her show Grey’s Anatomy – for rumors have it that she’s left it – Heigl hasn’t confirmed it so far.

Source of the image: Timeinc.net.

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