Kate Middleton Most Likely to Smell Good

The British are noted for their particular love for bizarre ranking: this time they have compiled a list of the stars that smell nice. In their opinion, Duchess Catherine was the leading person in the fragrant ranking.

Duchess Kate

It does not mean that all the residents of the UK were able to personally verify this fact, however, according to their assumption, the Duchess should smell like a royal person. It is said that Catherine prefers floral flavors such as White Gardenia Petals with the notes of lily, jasmine and gardenia. 34 percent of the respondents voted for her.

Her runner-up is David Beckham, who, according to the rating, should smell like a May rose (apparently, the British did not take into account his training on the soccer field!).

The top three also includes Duchess Catherine’s sister Pippa Middleton, who, despite fierce criticism on the part of Karl Lagerfeld, is still very popular with the British.

Fragrance consultant John Ayres says that fragrance is always very important when meeting new people:

A fragrance or scent on another person that reminds you of a past occasion can evoke incredibly strong and immediate emotions. You can form positive or negative opinions of a person almost instantly and if you suddenly smell a fragrance that reminds you of a good or bad time; it can have an effect on your mood too. By surrounding yourself with things that smell nice or that remind you of a happy occasion, you get little lifts whenever you come across them.

According to the research conducted by the manufacturer of Surf washing powder, 48 percent of people find the smell of freshly washed clothes and conditioner attractive, and 32 percent think the smell of perfume or aftershave lotion to be nice. In addition, 32 percent believe that the smell of sunscreen reminds them of summer.

However, the British discussed not only the odors they were attracted by, but also the ones that they disliked. 80% of British women said that if a man smelled bad, it could discourage any desire to go on with the relationship. They mentioned the English commentator John McCririck among the stars, who, in their opinion, had a distinctively bad small.

However, bad sense of humor (14 percent) or having no taste in clothes (1 percent) are not so important as the breath odor (38 percent) or the smell of a smoker (37 percent). Apparently, the British have unanimously recognized smelling as the most important human sense, and this definitely has some reason in it.

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