Jessica Biel in the Game for Revlon

Sporting a Revlon bag the way she does in one of her latest photos is going to become a habit with Jessica Biel. Revlon has just announced that Miss Biel is joining their brand team already including such celebs as Jennifer Connelly, Halle Berry, and Jessica Alba.

Jessica Biel with Revlon Bag

The enviable position of the cosmetic wizards’ Global Brand Ambassador seems to come natural for Jessica. The 27-year-old actress claims to be honored with the proposal for she has always admired Revlon’s input into the beauty industry. “Revlon represents today’s modern woman” is how she commented on the news.

Jessica Biel and Revlon

The photo that stressed Jessica’s preferences in so obvious a fashion was taken (accidentally on purpose, it seems) while she was engaged on a makeup shopping spree. She may have been unsatisfied with her appearance at the star-crowded Cartier event the night before, and the camera snapped when she was walking back to her boyfriend Justin Timberlake’s apartment in Tribeca, New York. So from now on the Revlon bag is going to be a permanent fixture!

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