Jessica Alba and Her Perfect Figure Secret

Jessica Alba's FigureWhile we were admiring Jessica Alba‘s post-pregnancy slim body, she was secretly crying her eyes out over her figure. She had to shed those baby pounds fast for the Campari calendar photo shoot. Jessica confesses that training was very intensive and she cried a lot. So she decided to quit. However, all the dieting and hard work in the gym did not give the results she was looking for. So, she decided to play some tricks.

She wore a girdle. According to Jessica, her friend slimmed down in just eight months after giving birth. This very friend was the person who suggested Jessica to give girdle a try. However, Jessica admits that she did not manage to get in shape as quickly as her friend did, since she has a different body type.

Generally speaking, childbirth was the easiest part in being a mom for Jessica. She says that contractions were not as painful as people say they are. Alba claims that if you ever had seizures then to some extent you have experienced childbirth.

Interesting enough, Jessica is not the first celebrity to turn to girdle after pregnancy. Isla Fisher also confessed wearing girdle in order to shed baby pounds off. So ladies keep girdle in mind for future.

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