Jennifer Lopez Caught Hanging out with New Boyfriend

Jennifer Lopez and her new boyfriend, who has been trying to stay out of the limelight for months, have come out into the open when enjoying a romantic weekend in Hawaii. Maybe because the heat between J-Lo and her latest toyboy Casper Smart is rising, and they stopped trying to conceal it.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

The actress-cum-singer spent Thanksgiving on the island of Kauai in the company of her family, twins, and her new boyfriend who is 18 years younger than herself. On the first day she was often seen about the beach with her twins, Max and Emme, 3. But on Friday she and Smart retreated for a lovey-dovey time just for two of them in a cabana – where they got themselves photographed. Casper Smart (24, dancer, real name: Beau Paul Smart) looks good enough alongside Lopez as she cuddles up to him on a sun lounger, resting her head on his toned chest, looking satisfied and all but purring aloud.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart in love

To all eyes a couple, the movie superstar and her young beau, grinning like there’s no tomorrow, were lapping up exotic cocktails well away from the scorching sunlight in the shade, playing around and hugging each other while wearing the usual beach reveal-almost-all clothes.

As Mail Online had from a witness, they presented a sweet sight, Casper appearing the older of the two because he was “very protective towards her” – and they looked if not in love, then the next thing to it.

It was the first time Casper stepped out into the open as the multimillionaire celeb’s current flame.

Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart on the scene

According to Mail Online, the dancer’s life was not quite blameless, for his road recklessness led him to having run-ins with the police more than once.

It seems that Casper just isn’t able to drive without speeding or doesn’t care about keeping his license in order, so he collected a fair amount of minor motoring charges for hearing of which he then neglects turning up in the courtroom.

There was an instant when he speeded up his motorbike to more than 100mph – and on the last occasion last February he got involved in street racing, officially called “exhibition of speed.” It’s a graver offence that may get him in prison.

At first the dancer pleaded not guilty, but in March changed his plea to no contest to the charge. The court records run that his bail constitutes $26,000, and the final sentence is yet to be imposed. Lopez’s toyboy lover – who got together with his 42-year-old A-list partner some time in May – will have to show up before a Los Angeles judge for being sentenced on January 5, 2012. It can end up for him with a term in jail coupled with a substantial fine.

Meanwhile J-Lo’s special friend is engaged in work – his mutual commitments with Lopez include last Sunday’s performance at the American Music Awards.

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