How Celebs Turn Their Flaws to Beauty

Celebrities are people too, and without the help of professional make-up artists, stylists and Photoshop, they have many imperfections. Because of such imperfections, we, ordinary girls, drive ourselves to hysterics. How to turn flaws into your business card and learn to be proud of them? We are going to tell you about the top stars with noticeable (and not really) imperfections. We constantly criticize ourselves because of these imperfections, whereas they earn more and more money and fame every day.

Keira Knightley and small breasts

Keira Knightley not only appeared in frank sensual and sexy photo shoots, in which her modest breasts are clearly visible, but she never hid that she was not at all worried about the problem of small forms.

On the contrary, she is proud of her body, which was confirmed by the scandal associated with the poster for the “King Arthur” movie, when the girl’s breasts were augmented deliberately. The actress demanded to remove this effect, saying that she liked her figure the way it looked.

Blake Lovely and cellulite

It would seem that Blake’s legs have always been perfect – slender, long, straight. A woman can dream of having such legs! However, the actress herself admitted a few years ago that she also had imperfections. Allegedly, Lovely has cellulite, but it is better for her to have it than to stop eating sweets.

Of course, this problem affects many women. At the same time, cellulite is considered to be a terrible disadvantage. Yes, it does not make a girl more beautiful, but is it really a huge problem, if even Blake Lovely does not consider it something shameful?

Katy Perry and bad skin

In fact, most stars suffer from skin problems. This is not surprising at all: they expose their skin to make-up, professional “heavy” cosmetics and deliberate transformations for many years in a row for the sake of promising roles.

Although this is not visible under the “mask”, as soon as the stars leave the house and go to the nearest store without cosmetics, the paparazzi will certainly take pictures of everything that is so carefully hidden.

Undoubtedly, bad skin has never pleased any woman, but it should not become a reason for insane panic. Review your diet, go to the doctor, get tested for hormones, or, like Victoria Beckham, just wait for the pimples to miraculously disappear after another pregnancy!

Paris Hilton and big feet

The “long feet” complex is quite common among women. We all want to have a graceful miniature foot of a Japanese geisha. But not everyone is ready to suffer because of what was created by nature!

Paris Hilton, for example, feels quite comfortable. According to rumors, her shoe size ranges from 42 to 44 (they say she also has crooked legs, but we have not been able to check if this is true). The right angles and the ability to pose helped her significantly reduce her attention to this part of the body.

Sarah Jessica Parker and being absolutely far away from ideals

Sometimes you look at yourself in the mirror and think: the nose is too big, the lips are too thin, the oval of the face is not the same, the legs are too short, the arms are too thin, the hair is split… In short, everything, everything, everything, absolutely everything is wrong! Now look at one of the most popular stars – Sarah Jessica Parker.

Yes, her face is too elongated, yes, she has a long nose, yes, she has crooked bony legs, and this is not her last drawback, but at the same time … Who does not love Kerry Bradshaw? With a manic love for expensive shoes, dressing rooms, and a passionate dream to find the love of your life.

Yes, “Kerry” has never been the standard ideal of beauty, but at the same time it was she who was remembered most of all, it was she who became the style icon and role model. So maybe your non-standard beauty is also a chance to become an example?

Meryl Streep and senior age

We are more afraid of old age than of crooked noses, big feet, and acne. After all, you can always cope with the rest of the “problems” if you just want to. But you can’t run away from aging.

Yet you should not get depressed because of the wrinkles that have appeared. Moreover, it is simply stupid. This is not going to help. It would be much more logical to look at such stars as Jane Fonda and Meryl Streep. See how amazing they look at their age!

Everything – from the appearance to the way they present themselves – makes you want to be the same at their age. If you remember, in the famous movie “The Devil Wears Prada” – Meryl Streep acquired her aristocracy and status due to the dyed gray hair of her heroine.