Halloween Diamond Grill for Justin Bieber

Having picked the idea from Lady Gaga or just deciding that there are ways he can shine brighter, Justin Bieber is having a teeth grill done for him – a special model, studded with diamonds. Done by If & Co., the grill doesn’t seem to be intended for everyday wear… It is rumored he wants them for a Halloween costume, the particulars of which are unknown yet.

Justin Bieber has diamond grill

Meanwhile, the If & Co. grill wizard had to bend under an avalanche of messages from fans worried over the looks of their idol – he made a frantic attempt to ward off the flood with a disclaimer he posted on his site, informing “all the billions” of fans that the grill is going to be removable, intended for entertainment and beauty purposes, which can be fixed and removed with a flick of the wrist and certainly nothing to interfere greatly with the singer’s appearance.

Justin’s grill is going to be a six-tooth one with as many diamonds, and there’s a chance fans will like his new look!

Source of the image: Stevenstone.

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