Halle Berry Launches Fragrance Halle

Halle Berry Halle Berry is launching her own fragrance in spring 2009. It is actress’ debut fragrance that she’s developing in partnership with cosmetics giant Coty. “Fragrance is something I’ve wanted to do for myself,” – said “X-Men” star. “It’s a real, true expression of who I am – I was involved in all aspects of making it.” Interestingly, most celebrities express themselves just in the same way. But, it’s quite possible that one, or better two, gifted noses do the job for them as in the case of the Beckham’s fragrances.

Halle’s signature scent is rumored to be woody oriental. It took two years of painstaking work to design the bottle for Halle by Halle Berry.

“I was mixing scents of other brands that shall remain nameless before I made my own with notes of fig and mimosa. Then I added olibanum, which is an African root, which brings spice to the fragrance, and sandalwood, which smoothes everything out and makes it yummy. It’s very sensual, very natural and very much reflective fragrance.”

By the way, celebrity fragrances have dominated the global perfume market since 2006. It is mutually beneficial business. Both the celebrities and cosmetics giants are reaping bonanza from the sales of fragrances (over $353 million now).

Halle Berry’s photo: popcrunch.com.

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