Geri Halliwell Changed Her Image

New Style of Geri HalliwellChanges in our hairstyle or hair colour can help us overcome issues in personal life; pop-star Geri Halliwell chose the second option to deal with her private life problems. Struggling to forget about the recent break-up with dancer Ivan Velez Geri Halliwell decided to color her bright-red hair, which unchangeably remained part of her buoyant character for the most part of her career.

Geri arrived at the London radio station Heart FM wearing black suite and with a new hair color where she talked about her latest project – children’s book called Ugenia Lavender, which she has been working on for the past year. The change in her image turned out to be such an unexpected even that it is quite hard to recognize the mischievous Ginger Spice in this new respectable brown-haired lady.

Before and After - Geri Halliwell

Let me remind you that the 36 year old Geri Halliwell announced earlier this year, in May, that her career as pop-singer was officially over and she decided to dedicate herself from then on to raising her two-year-old daughter Bluebell and to writing children’s books. “I always try to stay myself. I finished my career as singer and started working on my book and feel very comfortable about what I am doing right now,” – she admits.

New Style of Geri Halliwell

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