Gerard Pique and Shakira – First Pic Together

Paparazzi have finally “documented” the proof of Shakira’s and Gerard Pique’s relationship. The cover of the Spanish Caras magazine displays a clear picture of a romantic kiss of the singer and the football player.

Shakira and Gerard Pique

The rumors about the relationship between Shakira and Barcelona’s player appeared last November. They met at the World Cup (Shakira was singing, and he was playing on the field), and gradually their friendship developed into something more. Some time later, the singer announced a breakup with her fiancé, Antonio de la Rua, whom she had been engaged with for about 11 years.

After that, people would say that the favorite of the public even moved to Madrid to be closer to her new friend. And at that time the Spanish press announced a reward for the shot, confirming the relationship of the couple. Ah, if the remuneration has really been paid, the one who has shot the cover of the new Caras magazine is now the happy owner of about 200 thousand dollars.

Source of the image: Captainwag.