Family Reunion of Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate WinsletLeonardo DiCaprio felt like having a family reunion as they were filming the movie Revolutionary Road with Kate Winslet. Love scenes were easily done regardless of the fact that the movie was directed by Kate’s husband Sam Mendes. Leo felt quite comfortable acting them, since kissing Kate Winslet in a movie was not a new task for him.

Leonardo, 34, said at the European premiere of the movie that he’s been used to kissing Kate since they worked on the Titanic movie ten years ago. He admitted that he felt very comfortable and natural while filming romance scenes with her. He even noted that it felt like they were a family, somewhat odd and confusing family. According to Leo, Kate did not change since the first time they worked together. The only thing that changed is that they’ve been in the film industry for quite a while now and have gained valuable experience. The actor said that they no longer were the 20-year-old newbies, who were looking at the directors and producers as if they were incarnation of their parents.

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