How Does Kate Winslet Stay Slim?

Kate Winslet Don’t like those pushy fitness trainers or exhausting long workouts at the gym? Kate Winslet says, they are not needed for a celebrity body. Her recent photo shoot for the Elle magazine drew attention to her sexy body once again. Yet, Kate believes that her body is just average and claims that her tummy has wrinkles, her bust is not as “fresh” as it used to be, and she even has cellulite. But how does she manage to look so good?

After having her children, she was absolutely sure that sex movie scenes were closed topic for her. Looks like directors do not think so. Her recent movies prove it. Sex scenes are hot in both The Reader and Revolutionary Road, which were directed by Sam Mendes – her second husband.

Kate Winslet claims that she is not into the popular “skinny” insanity. Yet, she managed to keep her figure stable for the past five years, after she gave birth to her second kid, Joe. The actress’ schedule is just too busy for carefully planned workouts and meals. However, she manages to keep her size 6 at the age of 33 by doing Pilates in front of her own TV for at least twenty minutes every day. No other secrets.

In her recent interview with the People magazine the actress also talked about her good friendship with Leonardo DiCaprio. The two played in the movie Titanic, which was a great hit ten years ago. According to Winslet, once on the set the two know exactly what the other one is thinking. Yet, while the movie Titanic is a legend around the world, Winslet is actually anxious about showing it to her own children. The actress confessed that, as Mia, her daughter, is eight already and can watch her mom’s biggest hit, Winslet is worried that she will “sound silly” on the screen, yet she would like to watch this movie with her, as a mother and daughter.

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