Demi Lovato Opens up about Her Eating Disorder

Demi Lovato feels the need to share her experiences along the way from eating disorder to recovery, and her urgency made her go bigger than the usual talk show appearances and Twitter messages. The Unbroken singer turned out a documentary special for MTV called Stay Strong: Demi Lovato where she answers probing questions from host SuChin Pak before a studio audience.

The reason behind the documentary was also disclosed. “I just remember being 12, 13 and going through these issues alone,” Lovato recalls, saying there was no celebrity at the time who would have set an example of getting through this predicament.

At 19, Lovato’s fight still goes on. She resorted to professional treatment in late fall 2010, spending three months at the Timberline Knolls rehab facility where she had her emotional stress and physical problems attended. The documentary makes much of the center that played so large a part in her recovery: the singer takes the audience to Illinois to revisit the center, recount the treatment part of her story and give some encouragement to those who are still undergoing treatment.

Lovato tells honestly that she is still likely to throw up or cut herself these days. “I’m not perfect. This is a daily battle,” she concludes. But her eagerness to become a role model drives her on.

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