Celebs Who Dropped a Lot of Weight

Adele, Rebel Wilson, Basta Rhimes, Kelly Osbourne – these stars have shown phenomenal weight loss results over the past few months. Most of them did this for the sake of health rather than to meet imaginary beauty standards.

Adele (-60 kg)

Four months after the singer announced that she had lost 45 kilograms, she showed an even slimmer figure.

Presumably, Adele has lost about 60 kilograms since 2008.

The singer admitted that her seven-year-old son Angelo forced her to change her lifestyle. The celebrity’s health worsened, and she realized that she needed to change something, so she decided to stay healthy for the sake of her son. She cut down on alcohol, cut down on sugar, quit smoking, and started a sirtfood diet.

She exercises, but 90% of her weight loss comes from a diet that helps her lose weight. The first week was especially stressful when you have to drink green juices and consume only 1,000 calories per day. She looks not thin, but gorgeous now!
This is what Adele’s former coach Camila Gudis says.

Adele trains three times a week. Each workout lasts about an hour and includes cardio, circuit workouts, and Pilates.

Ed Sheeran (-22 kg)

After gaining weight on tours and smoking for years, the performer of the Shape of You hit has lost 22 kg. In an interview for Behind the Medal podcast released on December 20, 2019, the British singer revealed that he had quit smoking three years earlier and decided to “clear his lungs.”

In the morning, he jogs for 45 minutes, then he goes swimming or does a series of squats. The singer also changed his diet. In the past, after late concerts, he would eat double treats of chicken wings and fries, watch the Simpsons, and drink a couple of bottles of wine.

My problem was that I went to a pub where I could eat mashed potatoes, a pie, a pudding, drink beer and eat sausages. After that, I didn’t exercise. I wasn’t in the first three or four videos. I was about the same age as the guys from One Direction and Justin Bieber. They and Justin Bieber had abs and I wondered if I should look the same, he recalled.

Ed has given up fried foods and alcohol began cycling regularly, and is now thinking about running a marathon. He also noted that his wife Cherry Seaborn gave him great support in the transition to a healthy lifestyle.

Missy Elliott (-32 kg)

Elliott delighted her fans in May 2018 by posting a photo in which she literally appeared in a new body.

For 4 months, Missy would drink only water, no juice or soda, and also excluded bread.

Now, the Work It hit singer looks fantastic, she said her new diet helped her skin glow and made her feel full of vitality. The singer attended the gym four times a day and spent the rest of her free time doing music and working in the studio.

Jonah Hill (-50 kg)

For the first time, Hill spoke about losing weight in 2011, then he decided to change his lifestyle for the sake of health. He consulted a dietitian and trainer and has lost nearly 50 kilos in total ever since! Thanks to the diet and a complete rejection of alcohol.

Then the actor joked that he had done it for the sake of his girlfriend Camilla. They had been together for three years, and she complained there was not enough space in the bed.

The actor began to keep a food diary. During the day, he writes down what he eats and then sends this list to the nutritionist. Hill admitted that he once confused the number and texted “Omelet, chicken salad, and yoghurt” to rapper Drake.

Kelly Osbourne (-40 kg)

We can say that Kelly Osbourne has been fighting the hated kilograms all her adult life. She tried various rigid diets, but each time she broke down and returned to her favorite fast food.

Osborne says she got more hate for being fat than for being a drug addict.

To lose 40 kilograms, the star changed her lifestyle – she began to exercise regularly (she visits the gym 5-6 times a week) and eliminated alcohol, fast food, flour and sweets from the diet.

Kelly says she finally feels happy and confident. She also does not conceal the fact that she did a gastric resection and calls it the best decision in her life. Osborne also took care of her psychological health because, according to her, it is impossible to achieve visible results if you do not feel happy.

Rebel Wilson (-20 kg)

What a titanic work has been done by Australian actress Rebel Wilson! The star excluded fast food from the diet, replacing it with healthy snacks. In addition, Wilson stopped counting calories and focused on consuming enough fibre that prevents sugar cravings. The star keeps to a diet according to the Mayr method – she has limited the consumption of dairy products containing gluten and sugar.

Not without sport, of course. The actress worked with a personal trainer six days a week. She did interval and strength training, as well as various exercises with weights, cross-fit equipment and dumbbells. In addition, even on rest days, the actress must walk at least 10 thousand steps.

Busta Rhymes (-44 kg)

The Touch It hit artist announced his dramatic weight loss in October 2020. How many kilograms the rapper lost is unknown, but the transformation is really phenomenal.

The rapper admitted that this is the result of the work of an experienced team. Basta worked under the guidance of fitness trainer Victor Muñoz, as well as bodybuilders Dexter Jackson, Victor Martinez and Kai Green. He said that way to the dream body was long, but the result was worth it.

The rapper regularly posts his workouts on his microblog, talks about losing weight and shows how he does fitness with his famous friends.

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