5 Amazing Sex Tips for Married Couples

When people get married, divorce is usually not the end goal. But there are more than 750,000 divorces every year in the United States. Several of these divorces could’ve been avoided if the sex was better.

Check out five amazing sex tips for married couples. These tips could improve your relationship and help rekindle the fire for each other.

1. New Positions

Don’t expect to a smooth operator knowing everything in bed even if it’s with your spouse. An open mind and some experimentation help find new positions both people will enjoy.

If you both go into the bedroom expecting the same moves and the same positions, sex doesn’t seem as exciting anymore.

2. Keep the Dirty Talk

Married couples, especially those who have been married for a couple of decades, tend to lose the edge with dirty talk.

Most conversations now revolve around the schedule, dinner plans, and work. Take advantage of the dozens of different forms to message and spice it up.

Imagine the look on your spouse’s face when they see a text message from you describing how you’ll please them. Don’t be shy – a fun and the revealing picture could ramp up the anticipation.

3. Fantasy Time

Do you know if your wife or husband has a particular dream or kink? It’s time to fulfil their fantasies.

Whether you’re dressing up, bringing a video camera into the room, or pretending to be someone else, have fun and let your imagination run wild.

The more realistic you can make the environment, the more he or she will be into it. Even if it’s a fantasy that you aren’t passionate about, your enthusiasm is what will make it work for them.

If you want to have your fantasies played out, make sure you drop hints about what excites you or piques your interest. A loving relationship will reciprocate sexual desires.

4. Blindfolding

There’s a restaurant in Los Angeles where people eat in the dark. These conditions enhance the person’s other senses during the dining experience.

Adding a blindfold to yourself or your partner lets you use all your senses to experience everything to the fullest.

The lack of vision can also be exciting because you don’t know what’s coming next and how long it’ll last. With a blindfold, it might help to stretch out foreplay. Let the anticipation cause an explosion when you finally have sex.

Making the foreplay last longer won’t necessarily make you last longer. Check out these different ways with how to last longer in bed.

5. Don’t Schedule

If you’ve been married for a while, you probably schedule everything. Marriages that get to the point of scheduling sex need to reconsider.

While you have to be mindful of your own deadlines and appointments, spontaneous sex in the middle of the day will keep your marriage fresh and energized.

Maybe you need to spend a random day getting naked with your partner in the laundry room or after a shower (or during the shower). Whatever you do, don’t schedule it.

Try Sex Tips for Married Couples

These different sex tips for married couples are designed to help you keep the energy and zest alive. Don’t let bad sex be the reason your marriage slowly starts to fall apart.

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