How to Transform Your Hairstyle in Minutes With Fuss-Free Wigs and Hairpieces

Hair is one of the most fun ways to express ourselves, bring some personality to our style, and finish off a great outfit. Just changing a hairstyle can bring a completely different vibe and feel to our look, and we don’t even need to color our hair or do a huge overhaul. With the holiday season coming up, you might be looking for the perfect special occasion hairstyle to go with the outfit you have in mind.

Sometimes you just want to do something really special and fun with your hair for one day without making it a permanent look. This is why so many women love wigs, and why they have become such a beauty staple. Wigs have developed from being very artificial-looking props to realistic-looking and customizable hair enhancements. There’s been a lot of innovation in wigs, from lace fronts to HD lace wigs, and the methods for applying wigs have also become easier to do by ourselves instead of needing the help of a pricey hairstylist. You don’t even need to apply glue anymore. Glueless lace wigs have become extremely popular because they make wig application a lot easier.

The only challenge is, not everyone wants to do a lace wig. For some, it’s just the time and energy that it takes to put one on and make it look natural. For others, it’s the skill of making the lace melt and blend perfectly with your skin or the discomfort of wearing a wig all day. This is where the fuss-free wig and hair innovations come in, some are new and others have been around for a while. You can use these to temporarily change your hair without worrying about gels, glues and needing all the fancy YouTuber skills to fix it.

So here are some great ideas for some simple hair solutions that can change your look in as little as 2 minutes.


If you want to channel some of the greatest red carpet style divas, a sleek and sweeping ponytail should definitely be on your list of hairstyles. If you want to create a super long and voluminous ponytail look that’s very popular right now, you don’t need to have super long hair to achieve it.

Drawstring ponytails are attachments that come in different textures and lengths and you can clip them in and tighten them and immediately change up your look. It’s another great way to have fun with your hair and try out different styles. Hair to Beauty is a great place to buy ponytails and even ponytails that come with a bang in the front for a fancy up-do look. Check out their versatile hair collection over at

Headband and Half Wigs

Headband wigs are definitely the hair solution that has gained the most popularity in 2020. In a world where we spent more time indoors than ever before, women want easy but presentable hairstyles to look good for Zoom meetings. Headband wigs came to the fore as that perfect product. You can have a really great hairstyle in 2 minutes!

Structured a lot like a lace front wig, this type of wig has a headband at the roots of the hair to hide the wig tracks, meaning the wearer can just put their hair in a cap and put the wig on and it looks like a put-together hairstyle which you can do an up-do, a half-up-half-down or just let it flow and put a sparkly rhinestone headband for a great party look. You can buy a great headband wig at a really fair price and know that it will be a great addition to your beauty collection.

U-part wigs

If you want to lengthen your hair for a special occasion, u-part wigs are a great way to go without dealing with wig gels and wig glues. This type of wig looks like a normal lace-front or full lace wig, but it has a u-shape open space at the top for you to put your hair through so you create a natural-looking parting and hairline. If you don’t want to deal with trying to create a realistic hairline with a lace-wig, why not use your own hair? U-part wigs come in different colors, textures, lengths and styles so you can easily find what can match your own natural hair.

There are so many ways to easily spruce up your holiday hairstyles, and you don’t have to spend hours sitting in a stylist’s chair to do it. The world of wigs and hairpieces has evolved so much that you have access to fun and great ways to experiment and try out different looks without paying a lot of money or putting in a lot of effort. As you go into the festive season, these are some great purchases that can make your beauty life that much easier without sacrificing style!

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