The Best Special Occasion Hairstyles

Whether you are a teenager who is going on her first prom, a radiant bride-to-be, or just a woman who wants to look her absolute best for an event – there are so many hairstyles that you can make to make your special occasions picture perfect. From messy braids to low-set buns, read on as we discuss the top hairstyles you can experiment with.

Full Curls for Short Hair

Silent short hair can be difficult if you want to add that extra oomph as your options are limited. While you can always opt for hair extensions, we would suggest that you get a side-swept styling done with full curls for more volume.

For this, you need hot rollers with a quick and easy curl set. Roll the curlers outward and upward instead of straight up and down. This hairstyle will look even better if you have highlights done to your hair.

Dutch Braid Crown and Messy Bun

You’ll find most professional hairstyles using Dutch braids to create beautiful crowns as they are low maintenance and look absolutely gorgeous. But, when you add a messy bun to this, the end result becomes even more stunning.

Do a Dutch braid as you normally would and as you reach the bottom of the hair, pull it back to join a messy top bun. Remember, the messier the bun, the more impactful it will look.

Flower Braid

If you want to channel a romantic and sweet vibe, get this flower braid hairstyle that is versatile enough for every occasion. Start making a small ponytail over one ear, braid and then twist the hair. We’d recommend this hairstyle if you have long hair.

To complement this look, make sure that your eyelashes are full and voluminous along with dewy and fresh makeup. If your eyelashes aren’t naturally voluminous, you can always use fake eyelashes by carefully sticking them onto your upper eyelid using eyelash glue. Use pastel shades for your makeup and you’ll be good to go.

Beach Waves

Opting for beach waves is one of the best ways to instantly stand out at any party, and the best part is that you can do this for formal occasions as well! If you have shoulder-length hair, make a braided crown and team it up with a waterfall braid for volume. You can also use a hair straightener or curler to make the lower ends of your hair replicate beach waves.

Messy Wedding Bun with Embellishments

This is hands down the best hairstyle that can perfectly complement your wedding dress making you look like the queen you are. Not only is this elegant, but it also has the right amount of volume and pizzaz to make you distinctive.

Create a thick, fluffy braid crown that gradually becomes a low bun near the back of your head – don’t try to make it look very sleek, the imperfections and mess is something that you want. You can also add a bit of flick in the front with a couple of free-flowing wavy strands.

Complete the look by using faux floral branches, flowers, or any other embellishments that you’d want to add to make the end look even more special and unique.

Multiple Braids in One

For this hairstyle, you will need to braid up across the top of your head with a deep side sweep. Depending on whether you want your hair to look messy or uniform, you can make the braid thick or thin or even do a combination of the two styles. Again, use a hair curler to twist your lower ends giving you the perfect hair for special occasions.

Natural Corkscrew Curls

If you naturally have a head full of messy corkscrew curls, don’t try to straighten them using flat irons or chemical hair straighteners. Instead, slather some light hold product onto the curls and go natural and big.

Super Voluminous Bun Updo

We will recommend this hairstyle for women who have thick and voluminous hair. For this updo, you need to create the perfect combination of pretty curls as well as sleek, straight hair. The former needs to be worked up into a large messy bun while the latter has to go for the parting and the front side of your head. Work the curls to make them fall freely and effortlessly – just a few strands would do.

Finally, tie the head in a loose grip twisting them to end up in a low bun and then secure it with a pin. Even though this hairstyle looks elaborate, it’s actually quite easy as you simply need to make curls and then create a loosely done bun.

Retro Ponytail

Retro has always been a dependable style because of the vintage factor and gorgeousness it offers. Incorporate this style into your hairstyle by doing a lot of twisting to your hair. Make sure that you avoid shampooing on the same day to add texture and volume. Before you make a ponytail, just twist the upper portion to give a bit of style to the good ol’ pony.

Back Tucked Braid with Front Flick

The back tucked braid makes for a stunning hairstyle whereas, the front flick lends a slight charm to the end result.

Simply tuck the braid running on one side of the hair behind the back of your head using bobby pins. This hairstyle would be perfect for you if you prefer something simple with an extra touch of glamour. If you want, you can also style the strands into light waves and add a few embellishments.

Formal Chignon with a Modern Touch

The chignon is a classic hairstyle and doesn’t need any introduction. You have to twist the front sections of hair just above the ear line, and then sections of hair towards the left-down side making loose loops. Use hairpins to the sections and loops. The end look should be messier instead of being rigid.

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