How to Find the Most Flattering Lingerie for Your Body Type

Did you know, 80% of American women wear the wrong sized bra? Not only will an ill-fitting bra cause you issues such as a bad back, but it also won’t make you feel sexy or confident! In this article, we’ll look at the best lingerie for your body type to flatter your figure and boost your confidence.

1. For Beautiful Pear Shapes

Do you have a lot around the butt and not so much up top? Then you’re a pear shape! Famous pear shapes include Beyoncé, Kim K, Kelly Clarkson, and Rihanna. You will look great wearing a skimpier bra or top to draw attention to your bust. Choose underwear which is plunging and eye-catching! You can pair this with high brief pants which are in a matching or complementary color. When you pull this on, you’ll feel like a million dollars!

2. For Bustier Babes

Sadly, only one-third of women worldwide like their boobs. This is an absolute tragedy! We believe you should embrace what you’ve got. Enjoy having breasts! They’re squishy, they’re sexy, they’re so unique, and they’re bouncy. By wearing a bra that supports you in all of the right places, you should begin to love your boobs.

Get a proper measurement done by a professional and then choose a bra such as a longline bra, t-shirt bra, or a plunge bodysuit.Whatever you do, choose a bra that has multiple clasps to ensure your back is supported. You’ll find many gorgeous and supportive bras made by Prima Donna Lingerie!

3. Pretty Petite Lingerie

Are you petite? Then you will likely find that fashion shops cater to you. Look out for cute crop tops or anything that you simply love the look of! You don’t have the issue of needing lots of support. But, you might want to consider bras or lingerie which gives your chest some extra volume. Of course, this is only if you like that look! Small boobs are gorgeous – enjoy them for their perkiness and the fact you can wear a t-shirt without a bra.

4. Muscular Mamas Look Great in Lingerie

Are you a gym bunny? Do your abs tell the story of your countless hours doing crunches? Then you should choose some underwear which flatters the areas of your body that you’re most proud of. Choose a halterneck bodysuit to show off your arms or back. Alternatively, choose skimpy bras that show off your abs!

5. Apple of Your Own Eye

As an apple shape, you should definitely try on high stockings and a strappy suspender belt.

You may also choose a bra with multiple straps to draw attention to your cleavage! Then, cover this up with a long sheer gown for the ultimate sexy look. Pair this sexy get up with heels to truly blow yourself or a partner away.

If you’re putting on lingerie which doesn’t make you think wow, take it off immediately. Finding lingerie for your body type should be a fun process. By first measuring yourself properly, you’ll be able to figure out your body shape. Then, you can go to town trying on hundreds of different garments.

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