Celebrities’ Celebrity Crushes Revealed

You would be a very unordinary person if, in and before your teens, you didn’t have your room overhung with posters of celebrities you admired. We all grew up looking up to certain personalities, getting to know all about them, emulating them. We assumed their habits and their catchphrases, listened to their favorite music, ate their favorite foods. It was a natural way of life.

Becoming adults, we lost the admiration, or, if it didn’t fade altogether, it didn’t deserve the term “crush” anymore. But with celebs it can be different – they have more chances to come across their old “crushes” and even enter into relationships with them! Some of these stories are noteworthy.

Dwayne Johnson opened up about his crush on Rachel McAdams and J. Lo

Dwayne Johnson is now quite a famous person (what about being the Sexiest Man Alive in 2016 according to PEOPLE) and a felicitously married one, too (he wedded Lauren back in 2007 and they gave birth to two daughters since then). Yet he didn’t avoid cherishing celebrity crushes in his youth, two of them – for Rachel McAdams and Jennifer Lopez. We don’t know the particulars because the actor refused to give himself away. He made out he was going in fear of his wife, saying: “Lauren is going to kill me! It’s not going to get me in trouble with Lauren because that’s where I’m going to stop.”

Ariana Grande used to form a crush on Jim Carrey

The little girl whom we now know as Ariana Grande didn’t like members of boy bands – her heart went out to, you won’t guess, Jim Carrey. Her feeling didn’t pale with time, but remained as strong as before; she can often be heard voicing appreciation of Carrey and doesn’t mind to mark him as her crush. One day Grande happened to come face to face with her favorite celebrity (which she had hardly hoped to do in childhood). The incident made her lose her cool; she was so dumbfounded that she was unable to speak coherently and burst into tears.

Chrissy Teigen used to fall for Alex Rodriguez

The model and entrepreneur, when young, favored Alex Rodriguez, as she told in an interview with InStyle. During her Seattle days, Rodriguez was in his late teens, and Teigen described him as looking a „young buck“ that smote her. It was her first deep feeling.

Lauren Conrad had an admiration for Justin Timberlake

Late 1990s was the time when girls fell for the N’SYNC boys by thousands, and first of all for the heartthrob super vocalist Justin Timberlake. It was he who captured young Lauren Conrad’s affection. Her bedroom was hung all over with his posters, and when Justin quit the band and went solo, she remained his ardent admirer and maybe became even more ardent. Since Timberlake was having his glory days back then, it’s understandable that Conrad’s crush proved to be a long-living one.

Reese Witherspoon’s crush: Johnny Depp

The actress who appeared on the list of the world’s most influential people started out like everybody else, having a crush on another actor in her teens. Her fancy was captured by the alluring star Johnny Depp. Witherspoon holds that Depp was absolutely glorious on 21 Jump Street. His marvelousness made her adopt the common habit of cutting his pictures out of popular magazines to have her bedroom adorned with the face that inspired her.

Kylie Jenner had a crush on Taylor Lautner

A last year’s makeup tutorial sparked Kylie Jenner into confessions about her teenage crush; she was so inflamed with 2005’s “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D” that she came to adore the male actor.

Ryan Gosling used to have a crush on costar Britney Spears

The friendship between Ryan Gosling and Britney Spears sprang up when they were child actors together. What’s more, Spears was Gosling’s neighbor, and he admitted to stronger feelings than friendship. In 2013 he opened up to The Sunday Times Style, saying: “Britney was a sweetheart.” Their relations remain close, but Spears insists that rumors of her kissing Gosling during “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2013 are ungrounded.

Ashton Kutcher: turned down by Jennifer Aniston

Ashton Kutcher’s emotional revelations on “The Graham Norton Show” in 2011 included a pretty story of a bet: he and his high school pals struck up a $1,000 bet that Kutcher would ask Aniston out. His chance to win arrived some four years later when the actor met the movie belle who was then married to Brad Pitt. Kutcher approached Pitt with a request to have his permission for a date with his wife. Pitt shrugged and gave the permission, but the date was not to be. “So I asked her and she turned me down.”

Anne Hathaway used to have a crush on Leonardo DiCaprio

When Hathaway was on “Best, Worst or First” together with Tonight Show‘s Jimmy Fallon, it fell to her to reveal her celebrity crush. Without thinking, the actress named Leonardo DiCaprio, but then went on to add that there was another adorable performer – Pearl Jam’s frontman Eddie Vedder.

Kim Kardashian’s teenage crush: Johnny Depp

Among those charmed by Johnny Depp there are quite a few celebrities – including Kim Kardashian. In 2017 on “Ellen’s Burning Questions” she confessed to being “obsessed” with the legendary actor.

Lena Dunham’s adolescent crush was Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon got lucky in 2016 when he was to hear Lena Dunham recount her story of early adoration for him at her first appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.” The story, covering Dunham’s years in high school, contained admissions of being „obsessed“ and „a little crazy“ over the host. The Girls star said she had always felt as if they had much to talk about and relate to.

The actress cherished a napkin carrying Fallon‘s signature and felt inspired enough to write a play about how she and Fallon switched bodies ending with their falling in love.

Britney Spears reveals her childhood crush: Brad Pitt

On a 2011 episode of “On Air With Ryan Seacrest,” the host asked Britney Spears who she’d choose if she could spend the day with anyone, and Spears replied, “Brad Pitt.” The popstar shared that she met her crush briefly and said, “I was like a little goofball. I didn’t know what to say.”
Britney Spears‘ heart secrets got revealed on an episode of “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” in 2011. When asked about somebody the pop diva would like to spend a day with, she named Brad Pitt without a moment’s hesitation. When Spears chanced to meet her adolescent crush she admitted to being tongue-tied and feeling silly.

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