4 Ways to Create Your Perfect Home Office

If you’re setting up a home office for the long-term, you’re probably thinking of how you’re going to make it as comfortable as possible. No more cramped conditions, constant interruptions, and makeshift desks. While it’s easy to pinpoint what you don’t want, do you know what you should include? Here are 4 suggestions that could improve your home office.


Having a warm and homely place to work makes sense. And if you’re living in a cooler climate, you might want to think about the best ways to keep your office space comfortable. Although underfloor heating costs may seem extravagant, it could be the ideal solution if you’re working full-time from home.

If you’re happy with your heating, but space doesn’t give you that cozy feeling, think about adding warm colors. You could achieve this by painting the walls, hanging colorful art, or adding a few well-placed, cheerful accessories.


Making sure you’ve got adequate light in which to work comfortably is incredibly important. You don’t want to be suffering from eye strain or headaches, and a dark room can feel oppressive.

Placing your desk near to natural light is a good start. But adding decent lighting that’s neither too stark nor too soft is key. Desk lamps that can be fully adjusted to give you light exactly where you need it. But you may find a set of adjustable ceiling spotlights work just as well without taking up your desk space.


Adding a bit of your own personality to your home office space will add to your comfort. Don’t be afraid to have family photos in view. You could even create a photo montage of your favorite images.

And why not have a few selected accessories on display to reflect your personality? It could be a quirky clock or favorite ornament, for instance. As long as the accessories don’t take over your workspace, anything goes!


Many people would agree that plants are an integral part of any room. They can change the room’s atmosphere and help soften furniture and corners.

Plants also have the ability to improve our well-being and general working mood. But if you’re adding plants to your home office, stick to easy-to-maintain species. You don’t want to increase your workload by having to tend to needy plants.

Keep off distractions

Your home office should be used for work only. Don’t let your kids play there or – what’s even better – don’t let them enter while you’re working (unless something has happened, of course). Don’t install any entertainment gadgets there, such as a TV there. 

Treat it like any other office room in your company’s building: no music, no Facebook, no distractions – only work.

Invest in quality office furniture

Having good office gadgets is only half of a productive home office. You should also feel comfortable there. For this, purchase quality office furniture, such as an adjustable desk and an office chair that fits your height, weight, dimensions, and last but not least, your spine. You’ll be spending a lot of time there, so this time should not harm your health in any way.

Take breaks

Don’t forget the work-rest balance! Working a lot, completing tasks, and being productive is great, but don’t forget to get some rest from time to time. Leave your home office for regular healthy meals, exercise, or a walk in the park. 

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