Brandi Glanville Says Yes to Cosmetic Surgery

Beauty and youth are not gotten from cosmetic enhancement, but some of these gifts may be maintained by undergoing treatment – and Brandi Glanville, for one, is there to get it.

Brandi Glanville

In an interview to Shape the 39-year-old star shared that she was all for certain plastic surgeries that fill you out nicely – unless you tend to use them too much! But on the whole, Glanville opts, “everyone should do what makes them feel good.”

Former model, and now the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star confessed that she was very much concerned about her body. Besides, the town puts the pressure on. It’s the wrong town to be growing older in, Glanville complains. “Everyone is perfect [here]… They’re all 20-years-old and gorgeous.” So one must try hard not to lose the place in line, and beauty procedures’re there to help you.

After having plastic surgeon and Brooke Burke’s one-time hubby Garth Fisher attend to her boobs Glanville had to hear a lot of derogatory things including that she’s a bad mother. It went on and on for years and then she said she had grown impervious to it, telling to herself it was only human to be acrimonious, and why listen to it when you know it isn’t true? “I’ve learned not to take it to heart,” she told Shape.

Her further admissions included Melasma and adult acne issues that plagued her after she had given birth, so, Glanville adds, she gets spray tan weekly to give her skin a glow, tries anything that could make her skin better and never steps out without a hat.

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