Brad Pitt Face Blind

Brad Pitt believes that he suffers from a serious brain disease called prosopagnosia.

Brad Pitt

People with this disorder lose the ability to recognize faces. This state is usually associated with brain damage in the right low occipital area. It can be caused by a trauma, tumor growth or, more often, vascular disorders. In addition, there is an innate form of prosopagnosia.

The actor confessed in an interview with Esquire that he had problems in personal relationship because of the illness. According to Pitt, many people can hate him, thinking that he disrespects them. He often does not remember having met someone he knows. And when he asks them where they met, people are offended even more and accuse him of vanity and selfishness.

Since Pitt is a public figure, he often has to face a lot of people. He is constantly in the limelight, and it became a real challenge for him because of the illness. He is so desperate that he even prefers to stay at home when he can, becoming a kind of a recluse. According to the actor, he is planning to undergo a medical examination.

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