Oral Sex Saves Marriages & Helps Give up Smoking

What will help to regain passion in the relationship and save your marriage? Sexologists claim that the best way to preserve family ties is oral sex.

Woman Smoking

According to statistics, the couples who practice oral sex, are stronger than the ones in which the partners refuse to have oral sex. According to some reports, the couples regularly engaged in oral sex, divorce at least 7 times less often.

The studies also show that the men, whose wife does not reject oral sex, sleep much better. Such sexual practice helps the stronger sex fall asleep faster and have a quiet sleep.

In the course of another scientific experiment, it was shown that men more often dream of their wives rather than of other women, if the couple is practicing oral sex.

By the way, another study claims that oral sex can also help get rid of the habit of smoking. That is what Swiss psychologist Norman Sartorius says. He conducted a study which resulted in the development of a technique aimed at getting rid of nicotine addiction. Sartorius says that more than 50% of women are dissatisfied with their sex life and relieve stress by smoking. And a woman can be distracted from the thoughts about smoking perfectly well with the help of oral sex.

Mouth and jaw muscles that are involved in smoking calm the central nervous system. These muscles work during oral sex as well. It turns out that cigarettes can be easily replaced by oral sex.

The semen also contains the prostaglandin hormone, which increases energy, improves the mood, and relieves stress.

Norman Sartorius claims that a woman should have oral sex every time she wants to smoke. If the partner is not anywhere near, she can use a dildo. What do you think of this idea?

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