Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy Breakup

Bethenny Frankel and her second husband since 2010 Jason Hoppy didn’t even make it longer than her first marriage lasted, and things must be really bad if they didn’t even wait until after Christmas to announce the separation. It is believed the two have lived through this year in never-ending bickering, as depicted in their Bravo reality show, Bethenny Ever After. Now, RadarOnline reports there were reasons behind such a hurry to get it over and done with.

Bethenny Frankel & Jason Hoppy

It is on Sunday that Frankel made her decision public, informing the world with “great sadness” that she and her husband were going separate ways. The TV host said it was a hard step to take, but she believed it was in the best interests of her family.

While referring to the period as “immensely painful and heartbreaking,” the 42-year-old cook avers they are parting with feelings of affection and respect for each other and have agreed that bringing up their daughter is their main task to which they will apply themselves together.

According to Radar’s source, this is only admission of the rift that has been in existence for some time now. “For all intents and purposes,” said the informant, “they have been living separate lives since before Thanksgiving.” The fact is, for a while neither of the couple wanted to be the one responsible for speaking out loud.

Besides, they are both very fond of their daughter Bryn, 2 years 7 months old, and, though plagued by many problems, the two are genuinely in love with one another.

The Bethenny host was advised by her therapist to make it official as a way to avoid damaging their relationship further, and as soon as Frankel came round to this decision she was all for calling it a day straightaway. Hoppy argued to postpone the announcement until the holidays are over, but Frankel said it was unbearable for her to go on living a lie through the celebrating before other family members and their closest friends.

“Basically, in the end Bethenny decided, no more secrets and lies,” the source explained. “Let’s get it out in the open, for better or for worse.”

Nevertheless, the separated spouses mean to maintain an amicable relationship enabling them to give proper care to Bryn. They are going to spend Christmas as a family to show Bryn that she is important for them and make her feel their love.

“And, I truly don’t think it is over yet between Bethenny and Jason,” the source summed up, reasoning that the two are still sharing affection and passion. So, in the coming year, after a spell of living separately, they may want to try and hit it off once again!

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