Anne Hathaway Wants To Get Married

Anne Hathaway The Bride Wars leading actress Anne Hathaway, who broke up with her boyfriend earlier this year, hopes to get married someday, but she also admits that her past experience caused her to partially lose trust in marriage. She said on the Access Hollywood show that sometimes she finds herself standing in a place and thinking that it would be nice to have a wedding there. She is not sure what those thoughts actually mean but she does not want to expect anything before it actually happens to her.

Anne also noted that she is very similar to the rest of people who go through break-ups, as from time to time she also catches herself on doubting if she really believes in marriage. Yet, she is sure that she will get married once she meets “the right guy”. At the moment Anne Hathaway is dating actor Adam Shulman. Does she classify him as the “right” type of guy? We can only ponder about that for now.

The actress recently organized a charity auction, where the winning bidder was awarded with a dinner with her. A date with the celebrity cost $12 000 for three friends, who decided to split the cost upon the occasion. This amount flattered the actress and raised her self-esteem. She did not expect that people would be willing to pay that much for just a dinner with her.

Photo of Anne Hathaway:

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