Antioxidants and Aging

Fruits and VeggiesScientists from the University College London (Great Britain) report that antioxidants do not have the power to prevent the body from aging. They conducted series of experiments and can confidently claim that the role of free radicals in the process of cell damage is greatly exaggerated. This means that the protective action of antioxidants is exaggerated as well.

According to the scientists, the oxidative stress theory has been around for fifty years already and yet it has not been completely proven over this period. The scientists say that people should not rely too much on various antioxidant pills as well as creams and other products with high antioxidant content. Healthy foods with natural antioxidants, however, may not prevent us from aging, but can reduce the risk of diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. It looks like soon this subject will be highly debated in the field of science.

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