Bizarre Dog Haircuts

Sandra Hartness living in Yucca Valley, California, is stylist, but for her creative work she uses animals instead of humans as models. Her poodle Cindy is a “walking advertisement” for her works. The haircuts Sandra created for her are always colorful, creative and so bizarre! These designs made Cindy win prizes in many competitions.

Poodle Cindy and Her New Haircut

Cindy was shaved, fluffed, colored.

Sandra Hartness and her Poodlle Cindy

She resembled everything: from ninja turtle…

Ninja Turtle Cindy

…to camel.

Camel Cindy

And each Cindy’s haircut was a masterpiece.

Chick Cindy

Cindy was even a dinosaur.

Gradon Cindy (Or Not Cindy?)

I only hope, what Cindy went through didn’t harm her in any way.

Flower Cindy

What a stylish dog! Celebrity pets, envy!

Peacock Cindy

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