A-List Celebrities Who Don’t Live in the USA

The easy assumption that the best place to live for a movie star is Hollywood is just as easily disproved by a number of A-listers who prefer to live away from the center of Industry; some of them even prefer to live in other countries. Paparazzi account for many of those decisions; a few stars are known to have chosen countries where paparazzi’s activities are illegal, which is perfectly understandable! Interested in those who put as much distance between them and Hollywood as it is possible, and their reasons for doing so? The list is fairly impressive!

George Clooney moved to Italy

Lake Como owes a good deal of its popularity to being home for George Clooney. This Northern Italy resort is a picturesque place with a fine drawing power of its own, but it is a fact that since 2002, when the famous actor hung his hat there, its upmarket hotels have been drawing even more money-packed tourists (and ubiqitous paparazzi).

Clooney began by living in his villa by the lake permanently (minus business outings), but now it serves more as the Clooney family’s holiday place.

Renee Zellweger lives in Canada

As E! News informs us, the accolade-collecting actress, whenever she can, goes to Thailand, Cambodia, and Africa to explore exotic cultures, assist local communities and pursue other interests. Apart from exploratory journeying, Zellweger goes to take chill-out spells to her home in Vancouver, where there’s nothing to remind her of Hollywood.

Lady Gaga’s home is Scotland

The place where Lady Gaga feels at home is the unspoilt landscape of Scotland, which she chose to take her breathers between tours and recording sessions.

Robert Pattinson loves London

Robert Pattinson had gained enough recognition (including such heavyweight classics as ‘Twilight’ series and ‘Harry Potter’) to live wherever his fancy takes him. But the British actor opted not to move away from his home town. Talking with the Radar Magazine in 2014, Pattinson played up London against Hollywood, said he had never grown tired of the city and is happy to remain in his not-so-posh neighborhood.

Jennifer Garner lives in Canada

The Alias star Jennifer Garner turns up for formal movie events, but apart from that, she dislikes to draw superfluous attention to herself. Consequently, years ago she (with her former husband Ben Affleck) acquired a residence in Vancouver, Canada. The big city provides her with every amenity she may require but takes far more points for privacy.

Pamela Anderson has two homes: Canada & France

After a long spell at Hollywood, Pamela Anderson finally became a naturalised US citizen – but that doesn’t mean she had relinquished her Canadian roots. Nor she neglects to revisit her native places. She grew up on Vancouver Island, in a five-acre estate in Ladysmith, which is now hers.

Since 2018, eager to shack up with her boyfriend Adil Rami, a World Cup soccer player, Anderson has established quarters in Marseille, France, where the actress also pursues a business of her own – a vegan bakery.

Halle Berry chose France

Having had two foreigners for partners, Halle Berry is used to living abroad. Finally she grew captivated with France, and when she hooked up with actor Olivier Martinez she decided it was worth her while to set up a residence there.

Rihanna loves Barbados

As her fans know, Rihanna hails from Saint Michael, Barbados. Eighteen years ago she excelled at an audition and moved to the U.S. to develop her career in music. But no matter how much time she spends in L.A., the singer holds her home island dear and purchased property there apart from her homes in New York and London.

Shania Twain moved to Switzerland

The country music diva Shania Twain is another celebrity who doesn’t mean to spend more time in Hollywood that she absolutely has to. Originally from Canada, the singer-songwriter used to live in the U.S. working on her releases, but she ended up feeling the pull of the Old World and found home in Geneva, Switzerland.

Madonna has two homes: England & Portugal

Over the years the Queen of Pop discovered that she finds England congenial; consequently, she began purchasing residence there, and by now she has a number of houses throughout the country.

As stated by United Press International, Madonna never felt quite at home in America and tended to prefer the English environment and people. What’s more, she practices English driving and adopted local slang.

Currently, the star dwells in Lisbon, Portugal, yet she likes to pay visits to the houses she possesses and stay there for a while – even when she is no longer with Guy Ritchie.

Chris Hemsworth lives in Byron Bay, Australia

The Australian beau and one of the highest-paid actors, Chris Hemsworth, has been very busy in Hollywood lately, but his heart doesn‘t seem to be in it. Hemsworth, known moviewise as Thor, took his family to live in Byron Bay, Australia, several years ago.

They certainly seem very happy there, with the actor ceaselessly posting family shots taken in various parts of Australia. Byron Bay really appears to be a marvelous spot where activities like surfing, doing yoga, climbing cliffs – not mentioning the welcoming Australian vineyards – make your life brighter.

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