Facts Shocking Tourists in Different Countries

Going on a trip, people dream of bright impressions, pleasant pastime and positive emotions. But they are often faced with things that may not be frankly shocking, but sometimes spoil all the impression of the journey.


1. The United States – LA


People in Los Angeles are not as happy and carefree as it is shown in the movies. This city is bubbling as a boiler, and visitor find it hard to feel at ease here.

2. United Kingdom


It is necessary to be prepared for the fact that everyone will be interested in how you are doing and if everything is OK. Moreover, it will be happening all the time.

3. Australia


In this country, you can hear words “I swear” practically every day.

4. France


People very often get disappointed in Paris, especially the Japanese. The city is advertised in the media so much that the foreigners who come here often wonder why the capital of love and romance is so awfully dirty

5. China


Easing oneself right on the street is quite normal. For the locals… But it can shock visitors.

6. Russia

st-petersburg moscow_kremlin

Moscow and St. Petersburg are so different that sometimes it is difficult to believe that they are in the same country. Usually Moscow seems big and cold to foreigners, while St. Petersburg is often compared to Vienna.

7. The United States


The Asian influence on the culture of San Francisco is much stronger than a foreigner could even imagine.

8. Japan


As it is known, Japan is not like the rest of the world. The country has a satellite radio channel, which is called “Rokki”. It plays the soundtrack to “Rocky” 24/7.

9. India


In a hot country like this one, it is quite predictable that you will have to “fight” to get on the train. We should not be surprised if someone will pass their children through the car window.

10. The United States


Price tags in any store do not include taxes. The reason is that every state has their own taxes, and some states do not even have a sales tax.

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