Sports Getting Less Popular in America

Traditionally, the Americans more often appeal to lead a healthy lifestyle and promote a cult of beauty and youth. In reality, fewer and fewer residents of the USA prefer to go in for sports in their free time, as a survey of several tens of thousands of people has shown.

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The number of sports fans has decreased significantly during the past 11 years. This concerns even the fans of baseball, which is extremely popular in America. Although it still holds the leading position in the ranking of the most beloved sports, the number of the people engaged in baseball is 8% smaller than a decade ago.

The number of hockey and softball fans has declined as well. The amount of the people involved in softball has reduced by 11%. The number of the fans of American football has reduced by 16%, and 12% less people are interested in hockey now. The biggest loss is observed in wrestling – there is a 44% reduction in the number of boxing fans.

One of the most popular team games is still basketball. It unites about 26 million people. Football is less popular, and only 6 million people play it. But there is a sport, whose popularity has grown in the recent years. During the period from 2009 to 2010, the number of those, who are interested in lacrosse, has increased by 38%. The number of people in America, who have started playing rugby, has increased half as much again.

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