Which Office Jobs Have the Dirtiest Desktops?

The study, conducted in the UK, has revealed the most “unsanitary” professions. Lawyers and accountants have been proved the owners of the dirtiest desks.

Office desk, computer

Their keyboards and desks are home to millions of pathogens that can spread rapidly among office workers and cause an outbreak of infection.

The analysts have surveyed hundreds of offices, and the vast majority of them did not reach the required level of hygiene. Dangerous bacteria were found on almost two thirds of keyboards, telephones and desks. Real mold could be found under some things.

More than a half of the office workers did not know that bacteria can hide in keyboards, on phones and monitors. Two-thirds of the employees said they had lunch at their working place and did not clean it afterwards.

According to Dr. Lisa Akerley, one needs to regularly clean the desk and the keyboard. During the cold and flu season it should be done even more often.

Source of the image: Photl.

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