Xiaomi’s Lofree Lipstick Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard for Women

The Xiaomi company has kicked off the sales of a unique design device on the Youpin crowdfunding platform that is going to surprise even the most sophisticated woman working with a computer. The female computer mechanical keyboard, Lofree Lipstick Bluetooth Mechanical Keyboard, is made according to all the canons of modern glamorous design: bright exclusive colors, original smooth keys in the retro style of a typewriter, and a small size.

When developing the female keyboard, the color scheme of the keys was created with reference to lipstick shades. The Lofree Lipstick keyboard can work in two modes: the stand-alone mode from a 4000mAh battery using Bluetooth, or as a standard wired keyboard via micro USB.

The device is compatible with computer equipment, running on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android operating systems. Another surprise for women is the small overall dimensions of the keyboard: 306 x 114.5 x 30.6 mm and a low weight of only 0.81 kg. When designing the key surface, ColorStay technologies were used to provide an impeccable color scheme similar to decorative cosmetics and increase the durability and wear resistance of the coating. The retail price of the Lofree Lipstick keyboard is $95.

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