Cordless Jump Rope – Even the Clumsy Can Keep Fit

Jump RopeHere’s a new invention for those, who would like to keep fit, but is too clumsy. This is a quite unusual home trainer, which helps to keep your body in an ideal weight. This is a jump rope, but a cordless one. It’s very easy to use it: just hold the handles in your hands and begin to simulate jumping rope – move the handles in a circle with your hands. This will stimulate the centrifugal action of the jump rope due to the weighted ball inside the handle.

When jumping with it, one experiences the same feelings in muscles, as they do, when jumping with a common jump rope. The only difference is that the rope never hits your legs, if you are not a very good jumper or get tired quickly. Another advantage of the new invention is that you can jump with it even in a tiny room. And even if you jump on one leg or while running – this new cordless jump rope is for you. It gives you all the health benefits of jumping rope without those disadvantages like hitting a vase or another valuable thing in the room. As for me, I love the idea of a cordless jump rope! Added to my wish list.

Cordless Jump Rope

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