Top 10 Summer Ways to Lose Pandemic Pounds

Three cheers for a much-needed summer break! Vaccines are widely available in the United States, and pandemic restrictions are getting fewer. Now is the time to take advantage of sunny days.

However, some people still have new worries as they head into the season. Many Americans struggled with weight gain during quarantine and will be feeling self-conscious about their 2021 summer bods.

Don’t let this worry bring you down. Use this summer as an opportunity to get everything, including your body, back to normal. You can have just as much fun, if not more, by incorporating these weight loss activities into your summer plans.

1. Paddleboarding

Summer is all about relaxing, hanging out at the lake, and getting some vitamin D. Combine all those with a sporty activity, and you get paddle boarding. It’s one of the most relaxing water sports, but it’s still great exercise. Plus, you get to enjoy the blue lake views.

Take your paddleboard out on the water, and you’ll work your core and arms just by keeping your balance. Once you’re a ways away from the beach and splashers, take a short swim to get your heart rate up. Then you can cap off the day by laying out to catch some rays.

2. Dance Classes

Who says exercise has to be boring? Get your groove on to lose the Covid 15 in style. Dance classes make exercising a fun, social activity rather than a grueling, painful one. You can meet new friends and workout buddies by attending group dance classes in your community.

If the idea of rolling your hips in public makes you sweat, there are other options. Try a dance lesson at home instead. There are plenty of online videos that break down each step. Then maybe you can work up the courage to shimmy your way onto a dance floor at a club.

3. Community Sports

If you have a close relationship with your neighbors, sheltering in place was likely extra brutal. Thankfully, now you can enjoy their company once more. Make up for the lost time by organizing a community softball game at the local park. Invite everyone, even some new friends.

If you’re lacking the equipment to play softball, kickball will be just as fun. Young kids may even find it easier. All you need is a ball, a park, and maybe a grill to fill up empty stomachs after base running.

4. Beach Running

Got a beach vacation in the works now that you’re vaccinated? Use the sandy beach to your advantage. A run on the sand will certainly make your next trip a memorable one. You’ll have a wonderful backdrop for an intensive workout.

Beach running is a lot more difficult than running on a trail or on the sidewalk. The resistance of the sand provides a powerful workout in a much shorter distance. Just be aware of the increased risk for a turned ankle.
5. Gardening

Getting fit doesn’t always require heart-pumping activity. A simple, low-key activity such as gardening can also help you on your weight loss journey. Besides, you’ll feel even more accomplished once your flowers start blooming.

Gardening may not be the most vigorous workout, but half an hour exercising your green thumb can burn up to 300 calories. Add healthy eating to the mix by planting tomatoes and kale. You’ll be in tip-top shape in no time.

6. Disc Golf

Regular golf is notorious for being expensive and requiring a lot of equipment. Disc golf is the casual alternative to the sport. All you need is a single disc and a grassy course, and you’re good to go.

The rules of disc golf are basically the same as for normal golf. Get your disc (i.e., ball) to the target (i.e., hole) using as few throws (i.e., strokes) as possible. If you don’t make a target-in-one, you’ll make your next toss from wherever the disc lands.

This sport gives your throwing arm a great workout. And you’ll enjoy a pleasant walk from hole to hole through a beautiful green park. Most disc golf courses are free to use, unlike their traditional counterparts.

7. Dog Walking

At the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, thousands of Americans were looking for side hustles. They often needed to find new sources of income, or they needed to work from home. Even though the pandemic is waning, many people still are looking for ways to make extra cash. Dog walking can be your way to earn some money on the side while working off those quarantine pounds.

To get started as a walker, post ads on social media and online sites such as Craigslist. You can even sign up for specialized gig worker apps like Rover. Build up some clientele, and you’ll start making money while losing weight.

8. Video Games

Yes, you read that correctly. Playing video games can actually be a source of exercise. As long as you pick the right ones.

Games such as Just Dance and Ring Fit Adventure are designed to get you moving and work up a sweat. The games work with motion sensors, so you won’t be lounging on the couch while chasing wins. The gamification behind the exercise prevents it from feeling like work, even as the pounds melt off.

9. Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is a great way to get in shape. The focus and strength required to hold positions make this more of a workout than it might appear. If the weather is nice, you might as well take this activity outside. Many cities even offer free yoga in the park. Check your local area to see what’s being offered.

Is it heating up outside? Embrace the warmth and add some extra perspiration. Instead of stretching in a sauna, a yoga mat in the backyard will do wonders. After a session, jump in the pool for an extra cool down.

10. Mobile Meetings

If you’re still working from home, put a spin on your regular meetings. Instead of sitting behind a desk, download a video conferencing app to your phone and spend the duration of your meeting walking.

Of course, some meetings will require you to be at home or in the office. If you need to take notes, wandering around outside might not be the best option. Consider getting a pedaler for underneath your desk. You can keep moving even in the most stressful meetings. Plus, you may be able to work off some of that agitation before you say something you shouldn’t.

The great outdoors are beckoning. So when you have the option, head outside. Weekly meet-ups with your team and other casual confabs are perfect for a mobile meeting.

These activities are just a few that can help you lose the Covid 15. Having fun while you get into shape will help you stick to your goals. You’ll come out the other side of August feeling better than ever. So grab some friends and plenty of water, and make this a summer you won’t forget.

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