6 Reasons You Don’t Have a Six Pack

All girls dream about three things: the perfect press, non-caloric candies and a special scholarship for wearing high heels. Today let’s talk about the real things.


Today, we’ll show why you – such a smart, talented, and beautiful girl – still do not have anything to resemble an ephemeral press. No conspiracy theories, just facts.

1. Undeveloped muscles

Deficiency of muscle mass is the main problem of our hypodynamic time. Whatever the cheerful publics in social networks tell you, relief abdominal muscles do not appear due to laughter, oral sex or ginger-lime cocktails. The only way to get the notorious press cubes is to work hard in the gym until your socks get sweaty.

By the way, if you are about thirty years old, be vigilant: now you happily waste the last chances to tighten your figure in adulthood. Not having formed a distinct muscular frame until the age of thirty, you risk permanently losing shape in the next five years. With time, it may be too late.

2. Stress

Nervous girls do not wear beautiful tops. If you lose your temper, feel angry and hate the world more often than you do the stretching, do not even be surprised at seeing how romantic the heaving of the waves of fat on your stomach is. Stress hormones destroy the muscle mass and strongly inhibit the fat burning process.

3. Genes

This can also happen: you sleep with dumbbells in your hands, you consume fiber and devour the pictures of young Claudia Schiffer, and your stomach is still more like a plush pad for the notebook. Alas, the genes are a strong factor. Just look how wonderfully your grandmother is playing cards!

4. Water scarcity

A lot of salt, a little water – and you are given a seat in public transport as if you were a pregnant woman with toxicosis. Lots of salt and a little water before going to bed – and in the morning the bath robe of your ex-boyfriend, a bouncer, will turn out the only thing you will fit in.

5. Excess weight

It may well be that you have the press – and your muscles are really good! It is very likely that it would look amazing on the beach matching with an open emerald leotard with ties. There is a chance that your boyfriend would adore this press wildly – and he would proudly show you to everyone.

But you will never know this, if you do not stop eating elephant portions of rice with meat for breakfast and sleeping for three hours between the two jobs. Fat has a strange feature of hiding the places that we once enjoyed enormously. It’s all about Sod’s Law in action.

6. Cult of the press

If you attend all abdomen trainings in your area, you behave incorrectly. First, you overload the abdominal muscles. Secondly, you prevent the body from dealing with overweight – abdominal muscles do not burn as much energy as you would like. Relax and find a complex solution of the problem. It will be right then.

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