5 Facial Exercises for Accentuating Cheek Bones

Making cheekbones more expressive, like those in models, is quite real. With the help of special exercises for the face, you can achieve a striking effect!


Exercise # 1. Improves facial contours

Take a deep breath, inflate the cheeks, and distribute air evenly inside them. Press your lips together tightly. Now put your hands to the cheeks, fingers on the ears. Press the cheeks, and let them resist this pressure.
Hold on for 5-6 seconds, and then relax your face. Repeat 5-10 times.

Exercise # 2. The tongue behind the cheek

This exercise improves facial contours and is very simple:

  • Stand in front of a mirror, round the lips in the form of O. Now press the tongue against the inner surface of the cheek. The task is to press the tongue to the cheek as closely as possible. Managed? Now move the tongue behind the cheek, trying to press it as closely as possible!
  • You need to do about 20 moves on each side of the face – so you will workout all the cheek muscles.
  • You may sense tension in the lower part of the tongue. This would mean that you are fighting the sagging chin!

By the way, the exercise can be done almost anywhere.

Exercise # 3. A ball

Imagine that you have a tennis ball in your mouth. Well … maybe a little bit smaller than that. It is behind a cheek. Move it through his upper lip behind the other cheek and then back through the lower lip. And so on in a circle.

Exercise # 4. Tightening the underlying cheek muscles

These are the ones that press the cheek to the gums.

Put the thumb behind the one cheek, pressing it to the gum, and pull cheek from the inside. Using muscle tension, press the cheek back to the teeth. Repeat this exercise for the right and the left cheek.

Exercise # 5. For an oval face

This exercise tightens, lifts and boosts face tone.

Open your mouth; cover the teeth with your lips, straining the muscles of the lips and cheeks. Put your hands on the sides of the face; slowly drag them up, pulling your face. Do the exercise until tiredness and a burning sensation in face muscles. Relax and blow out the air through the lips.

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