7 Things to Do Before Going to Bed

In a sober and law-abiding world, there are no miracles: the mood in which you wish goodnight to your boyfriend will become your working intonation in the morning. You cannot fall asleep beheading the whole mankind in your mind and wake up humming the “Cinderella” melody and recollecting the recipes of vanilla cupcakes.


No matter how disappointed you may be at the end of the day, it is always worth saving at least the ending. Geniusbeauty.com has gathered simple tips for organizing the evening right. So, before going to bed do not forget to…

1. Remove the cream remnants with a cloth

It is not enough to regularly apply expensive creams in beautiful jars to the skin, you also need time to remove their excesses. The remains of cosmetics on your face are a kind of thermal film that promotes the rapid growth of bacteria. Is that what you need?

2. Think positive

There must have been something in this day that can be remembered without sadness and nervously trembling chin. Wasn’t there anything? Then rejoice at least the fact that this gloomy nightmare has finally ended. It is also a good occasion.

3. Eat a piece of cheese or drink a glass of milk

Calcium is best absorbed at night. In the morning, you may not have the time for a healthy breakfast containing calcium.

4. Ventilate the room

Fresh air contributes to falling asleep more rapidly and sleeping better. And it is just nice when the air in the room is fresh.

5. Turn off the TV

Evening news is not your Sesame Street. The children dying of cancer, the truck drivers burnt alive, the victims of domestic violence and the impending epidemic of an unknown flu – even your ex-boyfriend does not deserve such lullabies. Leave the truth of life for the morning.

6. Read a book

What we read before bedtime is kept in the memory better (this information is useful for those who study and read text books). In general, the book produces a calming effect, unlike TV. Reading has not hurt anyone yet.

7. Take a warm shower

This most trivial recommendation in the world surpasses all the previous six tips according to its importance. It is not just about hygiene procedures. A warm shower taken with a fragrant gel relaxes you and contributes more than anything else to the better quality of sleep and falling asleep faster.

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