150 Minutes Sports a Week Provide Energy

The experts from Bellarmine University have found that in order to sleep 65% better at night and be awake during the day, you have to train at least 150 minutes per week.

Sports give extra energy

The scientists have conducted a study examining the physical activity of 2,600 men and women aged 18-85 years and the quality of their sleep.

The people, who regularly visited the gym, said that they slept well at night, and did not feel sleepy during the day. The results of this study are important because of the spread of the world epidemic of insomnia, as the scientists say.

Brad Cardinal of the University of Oregon, one of the authors of the study, believes that regular exercise can substitute for pills. In addition to improving sleep, sports volunteers did not complain of cramps in their legs in 68% of cases, and the problems with concentration were 45% less frequent. So sports should not be neglected!

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