Most Common Insomnia Reason

American doctors believe that loneliness is to be blamed for sleeping disorders.


The scientists led by Lianne Kurina from the University of Chicago interviewed 95 residents of the U.S. state of South Dakota.

They asked the volunteers a number of questions related to loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress and told them to subjectively evaluate the quality of sleep and sleepiness in the daytime. The average age of the volunteers was about 40 years.

For a week, all the participants had been wearing a special bracelet on their wrist measuring the duration of sleep and the change of its phases.

It turned out that the participants, who felt lonely, had woken up at night more often than other volunteers. The frequency of sudden awakenings directly depended on the strength of the feeling of loneliness.

How to have a night’s sleep back? One needs to chat with friends, make new friends, not to forget to regularly communicate with relatives, to visit the places where one can meet people with similar interests (fitness clubs, cooking classes). You can also start with having a pet – thus you will no longer be alone.

Source of the image: Photl.

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