Pet Rabbits Beneficial to Woman’s Health


The trend of having rabbits as pets has been popular for quite a while now. Yet, only recently have specialists managed to prove that those animals are not just pretty but also good for our health. Now, the relatively new technique of having cells with bunnies present during consultation sessions with psychologists and psychotherapy is becoming increasingly popular.

Pet Rabbit

The new study was conducted by a team of specialists from the University of Missouri and was led by Professor Rebecca Johnson. The results of the study show that even mere presence of bunnies gives women sense of calmness and tranquility. Furthermore, the scientists observed decrease in the level of stress hormone cortisol in the women’s bodies after they petted those fluffy animals for a few minutes.

Dr. Johnson notes that presence of a bunny in a household and the process of taking care of it facilitate social bonding, teach women and girls how to better understand themselves and others, and how to communicate with other people more effectively. In particular, women who had rabbits also had better control of their emotions and behavior. Bunnies used as part of therapy also facilitate healing of serious illnesses in children and adolescents, such as autism or depression, and help them cope with lack of confidence.

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  1. I agree. I got my bunny after my mom passed away. I live with my dad and he allowed me to get a bunny to keep me company. She is a house rabbit, spayed, litter trained. She has made me laugh and smile. She has taught me so much 🙂

  2. My bunnies really lift my spirits. I have an older bunny (going on 9 years old) and his roommates died a year apart so he was alone. I was given Josephine and little did I know but that she was pregnant when I got her. Now I have 7 baby bunnies romping around the rabbit room. There’s nothing as cute as a baby bunny! I hope to always have a rabbit in my life!

  3. Thank you for proving that we are NOT the CRAZY BUNNY PEOPLE!!!! LOL……I am def sending my friends and family the link to this page… sharing it with all my online bunny friends and family! WE ARE NOT CRAZY!!!! WE ARE IN THERAPY! LMBBO (laughing my bunny butt off!)

  4. Our pet rabbit, Buddy, sometimes puts food or hay in my husband’s shoes ( the only pair kept near the kitchen door, which is near Buddy’s food, house and litter box) My husband thinks they are pesents from Buddy, do bunnies give presents?
    He does not do it everyday, just sometimes 🙂

  5. I breed bunnies and have my adult bunnies ltter boxed trained and they walk on leashes! People nne dto realize that they make GREAT pets!!!!!! Much better than cats and dogs….I do have a dog but the barking gets on your nerves after a while and the same with a cat and the meowing…BUNNIES all the way!!!!!!

  6. Where are the references to show this study? I love bunnies but I would also love to know where this information is coming from. It would be nice to look into it further.

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