World's Best and Worst Lovers

The worst that women could do is get themselves a lover from Germany, it has been found. The majority of women believe German men to be the most unpleasant bed companions, with English men following closely on the 2nd worst place.


These are the results of a survey conducted by OnePoll, a global research site that got interested in how ladies find gents of different nationalities in terms of their bed prowess. 15,000 women from 20 countries were involved. They were also asked to explain their preferences.

While most of the women polled opted for Spanish men as the best lovers a girl could wish, and praised Brazilians and Italians for their male skills, the way Germans smell was said to interfere seriously with their performance.

Englishmen, who take the last line but one, are supposed to be too lazy to take good care of their woman, and men from Sweden are apt to end the session too early.

OnePoll’s spokesperson referred to the results of the survey as “an eye-opener” and said that women travelers should take them into consideration when choosing a lover.


  1. Germany (should get a new deodorant)
  2. England (should perk up and be more active)
  3. Sweden (should learn to prolong the enjoyment)
  4. Holland (should go easy on domination)
  5. America (should be gentler and softer)
  6. Greece (shouldn’t be so mushy)
  7. Wales (should be more considerate)
  8. Scotland (should be quieter)
  9. Turkey (should keep a towel at the bedside)
  10. Russia (should consider having depilation)

And here come the winners worthy of a lady’s attention. Congratulations, men!


  1. Spain
  2. Brazil
  3. Italy
  4. France
  5. Ireland
  6. South Africa
  7. Australia
  8. New Zealand
  9. Denmark
  10. Canada

Source of the image: Photl.

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