Fisher Thierry Cell Phone

Considering that we don’t have squares for hands and square-angled fingertips, it is surprising that there are not too many curvy communication gadgets. We may even say there are too few, so this curvy cell phone by designer Fisher Thierry does rather stand out.

Curvy Cell Phone by Fisher Thierry

The phone features a large screen below which it goes into a curve carrying the buttons. It ends unexpectedly cutting off the “*”, the “#” and the “0” buttons, so every time you are tempted to turn the device over to see if they are located on the back side. It may also make an unwelcome bulge in a tight-fitting pocket or misbalance a loose-fitting one, so these nice curves may take some getting accustomed to. Still, a stylish gadget is always worth it, right?

Source of the image: 3dnews.

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