Dangers of Falling Asleep while Watching TV


Scientists from the University of Pennsylvania (USA) found out that watching TV at night increases the likelihood of insomnia. Their study aimed at examining the effects of TV-watching on the process of falling asleep and sleep in general.

Watching TV in Bed

The experiment involved over 21 thousand volunteers. They discovered that falling asleep while watching TV disturbs sleep cycle for a long time and increases chances of insomnia. The scientists recommend turning off TV at least half an hour before falling asleep.

Source of the image: flickr.com/photos/domesticknitter.


  1. that’s ridiculous i think if someone is tired to the point that they need sleep a t.v. is not gonna stop that. if you can’t go to sleep you just have too much on your mind

  2. Hog wash. Ever hear of tv timers. Next you’ll say falling asleep to music, or talk radio is also bad. Not all people fall into the square hole puzzle. Is reading in bed bad too? Better than falling asleep drunk, or on pills. Different strokes for different folks. And now we pray………..

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