Portable Washing Machine for Vacation


Portable Washing Machine for VacationSure enough, you have faced the following problem about million times. You go on vacation and pack the pile of clothes. What happens next you mess them all up but you can’t wash your clothes anywhere! Of course, you can hand-launder them but you don’t want to waste your time. And it is your vacation, anyway!

With Astone’s new portable washing machine, you can easily handle the problem. You can take it with you on a trip, walking holiday or to your vacation home. It weighs just 4 pounds (2 kg) and it’s inflatable! This amazing gadget can hold up to 6.5 liters of water and costs about $70.

Portable Washing Machine Astone

The washing machine is not only useful but it has a nice and stylish design. It doesn’t look like the machine you have at your home at all. The portable washing machine is more like a blender when unpacked and resembles a CD-player when packed. And you can watch your favorite blouse spinning right through its walls.