Pros and Cons of Coffee

Pros and Cons of CoffeeMany people can’t think of their working day without a cup of coffee. Coffee is both tasty and healthy. Some people believe coffee is harmful, for example, to their cardiovascular system. New studies, however, have proven otherwise. The question is what prevails in coffee – advantages or disadvantages? And how can we harness the benefits of this tasty beverage and minimize its negative effects?

Pros of Caffeine

Due to its caffeine content, coffee is a stimulant that boosts out activity. Coffee is a great diuretic and (in spite of conventional wisdom) does not influence blood pressure. A cup of coffee is refreshing and increases our attention.

Cons of Caffeine

At the same time, however, caffeine decreases our stamina because it prevents coronary vessels form supplying enough oxygen. It is not advisable for those suffering from digestive disorders to drink coffee on an empty stomach.

You shouldn’t drink tea and coffee after meal either because caffeine hinders digestion, promoting fermentation and decaying processes in stomach.

Cons of Coffee

Coffee removes such essential substance as vitamin B1 from our body. And this is what supports the normal functioning of our nervous system and regulates carbohydrate metabolism. B1 deficiency causes insomnia and depression.

Best Way to Drink Coffee

Physicians recommend that we drink beverages with caffeine content not more than 2-3 times a week. That’s how our body can fully recover.

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