How Coffee, Tea and Other Stimulants Affect Health

Cup of CoffeePeople drink coffee and tea all over the world. In some countries, like Italia, coffee is drunk up to five times a day. England is often associated with tea traditions. In business world it is common to offer a cup of tea or coffee for the office guest. But sometimes these stimulants can cause serious damage to health. Let us see, how it happens. If one is tired and has not eaten for some time or has just overeaten, so that their blood sugar first suddenly increases, then dramatically decreases, they feel depressed, lethargic and needs something to cheer up (like coffee). This effect is given by hormone adrenalin, which is emitted by the adrenal gland (that also emits cortisol). If the body cannot control the blood sugar, this is really bad news.

What Are Adrenaline and Cortisol

Adrenaline is always emitted by the organism which is stressed. The sources of stress can be different: when one is running, scared or screaming – the adrenal gland emits adrenaline. Adrenaline helps us deal with stress and gives the organism force to assume all safety measures during the crisis. The other adrenal gland hormone, cortisol, has a longer effect than adrenaline and is emitted, when a person is stressed for a long period of time. Cortisol increases blood pressure, blood sugar and has an immunosuppressive action. Exactly cortisol destroys the nervous system.

Adrenaline and Hunger

This reaction has evolved since primitive times, when people had to kill predators or rush along to the cave, after what the hormones came to normal and everything was good. But the modern reality is different. Today one is sitting at the office hungry till the lunch break, during this time adrenaline and cortisol are emitted and start to circulate in the blood of this person. Hunger gives a stress signal and, which happens quite often, if the person does nothing with this reaction, the hormones will circulate more and more every minute – this increases stress and anxiety. Our body reacts the same way, when one is fasting or dieting.

The Role of Caffeine and Other Stimulants

Various beverages containing caffeine, like coffee, cola and tea, stimulate adrenaline emission, which is a norm for the organism only in extreme situations, and thus increase the blood sugar level dramatically. But lots of people drink coffee and tea really often during the day. If they do this to stop the hunger (which is a stress) for some time, their adrenal gland goes on emitting adrenaline. As it was said above, if the organism is stressed for a long period of time, the adrenal gland starts to emit cortisol, which destroys the nervous system. This is how caffeine and other stimulants affect your body.

Normally if one has a low blood sugar, they like and consume coffee, cakes or sweets. Sugar and stimulants are like a drug for lots of people, for example, coffee with sugar, tea with sugar, chocolates, Cola and so on. Some people very often consume many carbohydrates, others permanently eat or drink stimulants, but the majority becomes dependent on both.

Stimulants and Disturbed Metabolism

Furthermore, stimulants upset the balance of the blood glucose and thus enhance the resistance to insulin (which regulates the blood sugar level). This provokes excess weight and fatigue more and more. Body and mind are very sensitive to the mechanism of glucose and hormones balancing. Finally the organism gets so tired of permanent daily stresses – stimulants (nicotine and caffeine) and refined food – that it becomes unable to defend itself and the metabolism gets disturbed. An organism with the disturbed metabolism develops various diseases and becomes a fat maker.

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