Hikaru Skirt Lights Woman’s Thighs


The fashionable “Hikaru skirt” (which is translated as “a shining skirt”) was invented by designer Kiyoyuki Amano and is now loved by Asian fashionistas. It can be manufactured independently, if you make an effort and apply the needed skills. This has been demonstrated by one of the residents of Asia. She not only published the photo of the final product, but also made a brief photo essay on how to make an unusual skirt.


According to her, the biggest problem is caused by the control panel of a LED strip, which was intended to resemble a strap fastener. The housing of the “fastener” was made with the help of the 3D-printer and special software. Also, she advises buying the LED-strip with a special waterproof and heatproof covering, not to get unwanted burns while wearing the clothes.

The skirt can be of any length, and it will completely depend on the ladies’ taste. The author of the fashionable wardrobe item writes that in her case the length of the skirt was enough to cause men to turn around.