How Would Elizabeth I & Shakespeare Look Today?


True, famous people who belong to the past can’t be very well transported into the present, their glory and brilliance and deeds are entwined inextricably in their own times… Yet we may want to make use of modern conveniences and wonder just how would they have looked, felt and adapted to our time. And we can do that, enlisting the help of some clever artists.


Actually, in the wake of the Yesterday channel’s new historical TV series entitled Secret Life of…, a number of digital wizards were asked to play around with some iconic personalities from the past and imagine them wrapped up in the present. Join in the amusement and see whether they actually resemble someone you know.

1. Henry VIII

This famous womanizer who was fond of replacing his wives is going to wear his values on the sleeve of a fine suit, complete with a diamond ring that he makes sure everyone notices. His appearance speaks of money, self-assurance (ladies beware!) and a layer of vanity evident in his tanned skin and hair plugs. He surely takes pains to keep himself fit. There is something of tennis impresario Boris Becker, and who else?


2. Elizabeth I

Elizabeth I was up to the latest fashion and she seems to have retained preference to her colors. Her shorter hairstyle makes her look smarter and more alert, and the combination of business and style in her attire looks smashing. Another Tilda Swinton, isn’t she?



3. William Shakespeare

Willie gone into music? Is he going to sing out his sonnets as songs in an indie rock combo? Cuter with his hair tousled somewhat artificially, he is impressive without seeming so dressed in a checked shirt and waistcoat. Some piercing looks just fine on him, too, reminding of his uncertain sexual inclinations.


4. Marie Antoinette

Bringing her coiffure down on her shoulders made much for turning a one-time Queen of France into a sharp young lady who knows what she wants and how to get it; yes, and the fringe over her forehead. The headwear is there as well, courtesy of Philip Treacy, and is there something smacking of surgery about her breasts? Did the real thing dream about enlarging her boobs back then?


Mind and check up on Secret Life of… for some more historical fun.