5 Foods to Avoid during Weight Loss Diet

The experts in the field of nutrition recommend completely removing the following products from your diet if you want to lose weight:


1. Butter

Perhaps you do not pay attention to butter, but all kinds of it are almost one hundred percent fat. If you really want to lose weight, try to eliminate butter from your diet.

2. Margarine, Sauces, Mayonnaise

Normal mayonnaise fat content is 70%. In margarines and butter substitutes, fat content is about 60-75%. Margarines also undergo special treatment for long-term storage and thus contain harmful trans-fats.

3. Sweets: Chocolate, Cream, Fat Ice-Cream

The love of this kind of sweets is a sure way to excess weight. Therefore, if you have enough will power, you have to give up sweets in general. Or at least replace them with lower-calorie sweets – marshmallows, fruit, and dark chocolate.

4. Dairy Products

Some dairy products contain a very high percentage of fat, but we often forget about it. For example, the fat content of cream is from 15 to 40%. Mozzarella is 45% fat. When buying dairy products, be sure to pay attention to the fat content of the product.

5. Convenience Foods

Semi-finished products are very popular with many housewives due to the ease and speed of their preparation. However, those who want to lose weight should forget about the semis. And in general, if a person wants to lose weight, the diet should contain as many natural products as possible.

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