Woman Contracts HIV through Manicure


American doctors have reported about a girl who contracted the HIV virus through the use of instruments for manicure. Experts call this case extremely rare and very unusual.


The 22-year-old American, whose name was not given for ethical reasons, contracted HIV after using the instruments for manicure, which had also been used by her cousin. Later it turned out that the sister was HIV-positive, which was the cause of transmitting the virus to the girl. Commenting on this case, doctors say it’s a radically new form of transmission of the virus, which has not been observed previously.

However, describing this case, the researchers suggest that getting HIV infection through the equipment for manicure is extremely rare, and the risk of transmitting it from this source is still quite low. When the girl was diagnosed with HIV, the virus was found already being on one of the last stages, as reported in the journal AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses.

However, later it turned out that the girl had no traditional risk factors for getting the virus, which is usually transmitted through unprotected sex without using a condom. We also know that HIV can be transmitted through shared needles and other injecting equipment, it is also transmitted from an HIV-positive mother to her baby during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding. The investigation revealed that the girl had been using the common manicure equipment years before the diagnosis, along with her cousin, who was later tested HIV positive.